Create | Destroy | Rebuild

About Us

Though you might expect a group of small bearded men with a touch of a Napoleon complex, Tiny Vikings first and foremost are creative problem solvers.


We’re small but we like to tackle big ideas in whatever medium we feel like.  And that’s just it.  We’re not limited to one medium or one technique.  Whether through CGI, motion graphics, 3D, 2D, film, practical effects, music, words, or a combination of any or all, we can take your vision, break it down, and rebuild into a compelling experience that engages the viewer and relays your message the most effective way possible.

We know design and media continually reinvent themselves, so we won’t shy away from breaking the mold and trying something new.

What’s your story?

Channel your Inner Viking

We're always looking to expand our network of go-to Animators and Motion Graphics Artists who are readily available for both long and short term contracts - working in house or remotely. 

The Work:

- You will collaborate with Creative Directors, Art Directors, and Designers and bring cutting edge ideas to life on screen.

- You will explore different animation styles including 2D, 3D, and practical, and continually push your artistic and technical abilities.

- You will take part in conceptual brainstorm sessions, storyboarding and concept design as an important contributor to a talented team.

- You can expect a fun studio environment with dogs, good coffee, snacks and a laid back atmosphere

The Skills:

- An in-depth understanding of both After Effects and Cinema 4D, and a robust portfolio that shows your talent in 2D and 3D animation and compositing. 3DS Max knowledge an added bonus but not required.

- Solid understanding of composition and timing.

- A love of technical problem solving and developing and exploring new animation styles and techniques.

- A four-year Graphic Design or Motion Media degree or equivalent industry experience.

- A good attitude and a passion for all things motion.

Please send resume and link to your online portfolio to

No phone calls please.